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Perfect blend of Bhringraj herb, coconut oil, badam rogan and 10 more different type of herbal oils helps you restore the health of your hair and diminish greying. The oil treats alopecia and many other causes of hair loss. It nourishes the scalp and strengthens hair strands, which in-turn encourages fresh growth. Get those long and strong tresses you have always dreamed of! Deeply moisturizes to alleviate dryness, Helps repair and protect against split ends, With coconut, olive, avocado & jojoba. buy hair therapy oil, this herbal oil and get those dandruff free strong hair. How to Use- Apply on hair & scalp and massage at night before sleeping For best results, use every alternate day.


Suggested Use: Apply on hair & scalp and massage at night before sleeping. For best results,                              use every alternate day.

Net Content:  80ml


Q: Does Hair Therapy Oil works on dandruff?
A: Yes, Curewell Therapies Hair Therapy Oil works on removing dandruff and gives permanent long lasting cure for people suffering from dandruff problems.


Q: How often do I need to use Dusgun Pain Oil?
A: Use it every alternate night and wash off next day.


Q: How much should I apply?
A: A coin size generally is used and should be applied mainly on roots of hair.


Q: How long will a bottle last?
A: This depends on how much you use it, but statistics show that a person using it on a regular basis, consumes 1 bottle in a month.


Q: How is Curewell Therapies Hair Therapy Oil different from other hair oils?
A: Difference is that Hair Therapy Oil By Curewell Therapies is made from all natural and herbal oils like bhringraj, amla, badam rogan, coconut and more than 10 other types of herbs and oils.

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