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DUSGUN pain oil is 100% natural oil. The oil is very effective for the treatment of arthritis, spondylitis, back pains, and muscular sprains. Formulated from herbal extracts of herbs & essential oils, the DUSGUN pain oil penetrates deep into the affected areas to heal the pain. The oil is mostly preferred as it ensures long term Relief from joint pain. Formulated with organically produced Natural Essential Oils, an excellent formula for joints pain and inflammation without any adverse effect The anti-inflammatory and analgesic action helps to stops the progression of degeneration by stabilizing joint cartilage. It is great pain relief for joint stiffness, muscle spasm, arthritis relief, back pain, sciatica,etc. It rapidly and effectively brings back the normal mobility of the joints. It also helps clotted blood to flow freely to rid away the Pain of the shoulder, elbow and knees.

Each 25 ml contains:

Brassica Campestris                  15ml

Oleum Ricini                              10ml

Eucalyptus Globulus                 0.3ml

Cinnamoni                                 0.25ml

Carayophyllum                          0.25

Brassica Nigra                           0.5

Thymus Serpyllum                     0.5


Suggested Use: 2 times a day

Net Content:  80ml


Q: Does Dusgun Pain Oil work on all forms of arthritis?
A: Yes, Dusgun Pain Oil has proven to be effective on all forms of arthritis, including rheumatoid, osteo and juvenile arthritis, as well as gout and general un-diagnosed joint pain. It is also effective for all kind muscular pains and helps in recovering from soft tissue injuries..


Q: How often do I need to use Dusgun Pain Oil?
A: Depends. Generally twice a day but if the pain is severe you may need 3-4 applications.


Q: How much should I apply?
A: 4-5 drops on the targeted area. It can give burning sensation if applied more than the required quantity.


Q: How long will a bottle last?
A: This depends on how much you use it, but statistics show that a person suffering chronic pain, requiring everyday use will go through one bottle per month, using it on a regular basis, twice a day, every day.


Q: How is Dusgun Pain Oil different from other pain relief gels or ointments?
A: Difference is that Dusgun is made from natural ingredients hence got no side effects secondly it gives permanent results when used on regular basis.

Mentha Piperita                         0.25ml

Camphora                                 0.5ml

Saussurellappa                         0.5ml

Colchicumluteum                       0.5ml

Alrannatinctoria                         0.5ml

Terebinthinae Oleum                  1ml

Akhrotoleum                             0.25ml

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