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Tulsi Rasamrit is Real liquid Extract of more than 5 Tulsi plants that helps in improving your immune system, reduces stress and provides a rich supply of anti-oxidants to your body. The product has got great benefits to your health and it also helps in relaxing both your mind and body. It helps to balance metabolism of the body to help fight OBESITY as well. Tulsi RasAmrit is a great herbal formation made with the combination 5 rare herbs which are ram tulsi,  shyam tulsi, sursa tulsi, van tulsi and nimbu tulsi. Curewell Therapies Tulsi RasAmrit is an effective invention led by scientists for providing you the benefits of a medical plant called Tulsi. Tulsi RasAmrit provides anti bacterial effect on human body which not just prevents you from the fevers of malaria and dengue etc. being herbal is one of the best qualities of this Tulsi RasAmrit which makes it free from any type of side effects on our body. Helps to control theriod. It helps in working as a pain reliever, anti-cancer medication, stress reliever, lung disorder, lung problems, insect bite infections, eliminates pimples and acne problems, adds glow to face, cures skin diseases, boosts immunity, sore throat, respiratory disorders, kidney stones, diabetes, heart disorders, mouth infections, eye disorders, relieves skin irritation, energizes hair and provides better hair growth, etc. It’s in fact a very important medication for DIABETIC patients as it maintains blood sugar levels naturally.

Tulsi also known as Holy Basil is an excellent agent which not just works as a water purifier but also shows properties of an anti-biotic, germicidal, fungicidal and disinfectant also very efficiently it protects our body from nearly all sorts of bacterial, viral and fungal infections. Fever is mainly caused due to infections from protozoa (in case of malaria), bacteria (typhoid), viruses (flu) and even allergic substances and fungus. Tulsi RasAmrit helps our immune system to fight with these type of pathogens and helps us stay healthy. Increases Mental stability and clarity. Tulsi RasAmrit Also strengthens our digestive system, maintains healthy metabolism and supports proper weight management. Many herbal cosmetic manufacturers use tulsi as the main constituent because of its miraculous properties. Tulsi purifies blood naturally and increases blood circulation of body. All these benefits in just 1 bottle of Curewell Therapies “Tulsi Rasamrit”.


Each 10 ml of Tulsi RasAmrit contains extract of:


Ram Tulsi                             2.5 ml

Shyam Tulsi                          2.5 ml

Nimbu Tulsi                           2.0 ml

Sursa Tulsi                            2.0 ml

Van Tulsi                               1.0 ml


Suggested Use: 3-4 drops in a glass of water, milk, cup of tea, coffee 3 times a day


Net Content: 60 ml


Servings per bottle: 250 approx.


Price: Rs 1,250




Q: Are there any side effects of Tulsi RasAmrit?
A: No, not at all as it just real extract of tulsi plants. Just consume the drops in the same quantity as directed.


Q: How often do I need to consume Tulsi RasAmrit?
A: You should consume it three times a day for best results. In morning, after lunch and before going to bed.


Q: How much drops should i pour and in how much water ?
A: 3-4 drops in 250-300 ml water. You can also have Tulsi RasAmrit in tea or milk.


Q: How long will a bottle last?
A: Generally, one bottle of Tulsi RasAmrit lasts upto 3-4 months if consumed daily.


Q: How is Tulsi RasAmrit different from other tulsi extracts?
A: Tulsi RasAmrit only contains those tulsi plants extract which are beneficial for medical use and there are no side effects of this product as no other artificial ingredient is added.

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