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You can visit our slimming centre at sultanpur (South Delhi) or shalimar bagh (North Delhi) for more weight loss deals/ inch loss deals and FREE consultation. Curewell slimming centre provides fast weight loss (within minutes) through curewell ultrasonic waves, cavitation, body contouring, vacuum suction, free diet charts along with free biowave therapy. *Weight loss program duration (guaranteed weightloss program) varies from person to person. For free deals or free weight loss delhi deals you can like us on facebook for daily deals.

Get Rid of those extra large jeans and t-shirts!!!! Its time to get in the shape you always dreamed of !! 

Choose from our wide range of weightloss deals and shred those extra kilos Today!!


Lose weight in minutes, Guaranteed Weight Loss/Inch loss programs by Curewell Therapies

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Q: Are these kind of weight loss programs safe? What about the Side Effects ?
A: Yes, these are 100% safe and there are no side effects as no laser or surgery is required. All weight loss machines are completely safe and only fat cells are targeted without affecting other organs of the body. 


Q: How often can i take these weight loss sessions ?
A: Depends, as which program you have opted for. Generally, we keep a gap of a day or two where ultrasonic waves, lipolysis or RF waves come in use.


Q: Are the results same for everyone ?
A: No, results vary from body to body. Depends on your age, skin type, etc. 


Q: Is this service only for females ? Do you provide female therapists for female clients ?                                                                                A: These services are for both males & females. Weight loss sessions are provided by a male therapist in case of male clients & female therapist in case of female clients.


Q: When can i see visible results ?
A: This depends on which program you have chosen, just weight loss or inch loss. In simple weight loss programs, you can lose upto 1.5 kg (Disclaimer - Results vary from person to person) as well in just 1 session but in inchloss programs you feel tightened skin from very first seating (in 90% cases) and visible inch loss from 2-3 seating.


Q: Is it possible to regain the weight that I lost ?
A: Absolutely! We are not magicians. We can only help you lose and give you the motivation to maintain yourself and live a healthy and fit life. If you are gonna keep the same old lifestyle and eat like there is no tomorrow then definitely you are gonna get back the same old shape. To be successful, you must adopt a lifelong commitment to maintaining a healthy weight through good nutrition and exercise. Though, weight can fluctuate if you dont change your diet or exercise but the inches you loss dont bug you much for quite a long time.


Q: Are there any trial weight loss sessions availabe ?
A: Yes, there are trial sessions available. Simply visit our Free Weight Loss Trial section and book your appointment.


Q: What are your business hours ?
A: We are open 7 days a week from 8 am - 8 pm (Sultanpur) & 9 am - 8 pm (Shalimar bagh)


Frequently Asked Questions


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Get The Perfect Shape You Always Wanted From Curewell Therapies Advanced Slimming Treatments

In today’s life, so much busy schedule, it is not always as easy as you might like to keep it to that healthy eating and exercise regime. However, you still want to tone up, look good and feel great while out. At Curewell Therapies, we appreciate the need to be able to achieve all this with the minimum level of fuss and are delighted to offer you a number of proven and effective treatments which really do work for weight loss, inch loss or toning & complete body shaping!

 100% SAFE

Advanced Technology for Fastest & Safest Results
Lipolysis (Lipo-Cavitation)
Multi-Polar Ultra R.F (Radio-Frequency Waves)
L.D Presso-Therapy
Curewell Ultrasonic waves
Vacuum Suction
Body Contouring
Low U.S Cavitation
Anti Cellulite Massage
Deep Heat Therapy
Many more


*Which treatment to be given, depends upon the body requirement & medical history.


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